Disney-Pixar's "Up" Engagement Session Part II - Jackielyn and AJ

Here's Part II of more "Up" inspired goodness with Jackielyn and AJ. See Part I here. It was quite a challenge to get the dollhouse to the park. It did not fit in AJ's car so he had to hail a van/cab to transport it. The cab driver actually showed us the best spots in the park to shoot where there's not a lot of crowd traffic. Jackielyn's friend La Verne was a real trooper and helped looked for parking. The few people in the park, including kids, just enjoyed watching Jackielyn and AJ's photo shoot because these two were just having so much fun and everyone kept saying how much they loved "Up".

Keeping close to the dollhouse inspiration, the sweetest surprise are the real life victorian styled houses dotting the area where Jackielyn and AJ lives (helps that Pixar is 15 miles away). These houses look so similar to the balloon home Carl and Ellie lived in. What a perfect serendipity :-)


Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Anonymous said...

It very cool and so nice! The ballons are like candies in the sky

Drew Watts said...

These are such lovely selections from the Engagement Session. I totally enjoyed watching this photo set. Thanks a ton for these details. Even I would be marrying in the next year at one of the Chicago wedding venues and will surely be having such poses in our portraits. Keep sharing such inspirations my friend.

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