Disney-Pixar's "Up" Engagement Session Part I - Jackielyn and AJ

I don't think there is a Pixar movie that isn't beyond amazing. I've seen "Up" and the first 10 minutes -- every single time I watch it -- I cry buckets of tears. When Jackielyn called me and told me she was dead set on doing an "Up"-themed engagement session, I was more than delighted.

Well turns out the lovely couple -- Jackielyn and AJ -- were so similar to Ellie and Carl's personalities in Up. Jackielyn, like Ellie, is bursting with energy and made sure this shoot was one fun adventure. She took care of every little detail from the dollhouse, the balloons and the outfit. AJ was very calm, chill and along for the ride and making sure his bride-to-be was as happy and comfy as it can be.

Jackielyn and AJ wanted to capture the first scenes of the movie --- when Carl and Ellie first met to dream about their adventure to Paradise Falls. The weather was unusually perfect in the middle of autumn with the sky bluer than blue and dotted by wisps of cloud.  While on the laying on the picnic blanket they did have fun to thinking about what the cloud shapes might look like. They even have their own adventure book! I can't wait for AJ and Jackielyn to get hitched to begin the biggest adventure of their lives..then they can start filling up that adventure book.

Still have a lot of beautiful photographs to share....wait for Part II! :-)

Update: Check out Part II.


ron said...

Pics are awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice!!! I love the theme and the pix of course :)

jennifer lynn said...


Anonymous said...

Hi jac,
What a wonderfull moment, nice pics cous. Good luck! hope to see you and Aj ha...? Loveu and i really miss u....AGAIN GOOD LUCK TO BOTH OF YOU.
Take care and God Bless always!
MORE MORE "PAMANGKIN" (baby)...tsup!


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